Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heart into Clovers~ A Craft by Rachel Melillo

So, once upon a time, my mother was a kindergarten teacher.  If you’ve ever had a kindergarten teacher as a parent, you know that you end up knowing the crafts by heart since you always have to make the demo…

Well, this craft has come in handy time and time again when I’m looking for a way to use all those extra heart valentines instead of simply throwing them out.  I’ve always made my own valentines and I always end up making more hearts than necessary. 

So what you do is take three construction paper hearts (or four if you want the person to have extra good luck) and then take green construction paper and cut out three or four hearts out of green paper.  Glue a green heart onto the back of each red/pink heart.  Then take a pin that has a back (an earring might work as well, so this is also a time to get rid of all those unpaired earrings).  Take all three or four hearts and put them so it looks like only one heart.  Make sure that all the colors are facing the same direction.  Then stick the pin or earring into the bottom of the heart and put the back on it. 

At this point, if you separate the hearts out, you’ll notice that you have a three (or four) leaf clover.  Take the top pink heart and write a message on it, such as ‘I love you’ or an inside joke that is shared between you and a friend.  Then on each of the green hearts (or leaves), write something such as ‘Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!’  Add your own little flourish - perhaps a quick stem or something as such.

Have fun, be creative.


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