Friday, February 18, 2011

"Mr. Darcy's Diary" Amanda Grange~ A Book Review by Michelle Pell

Amanda Grange has written diaries for almost every Jane Austen male hero, but this is my personal favorite.
I love that she uses direct quotes from the book Pride and Prejudice, but still uses imagination in telling about the times when Darcy is away from Hertfordshire.
She skillfully depicts Darcy struggling with himself over the fact that he's falling madly in love with Elizabeth and the fact that she is so far below him and her family is unbearable.
I was very impressed with the way Amanda Grange wrote the book so that even those who have never heard the story of Pride and Prejudice would still be able to follow what is happening and still enjoy it immensely.
If you know the story of Pride and Prejudice, you know about how Mr. Darcy "broke up" the relationship of his friend and Elizabeth's sister. In reading this book you come to a better understanding of Darcy's reasoning and how he really believed Jane Bennet to be indifferent. He did it to protect his friend's heart.
You will experience pain as you share in Darcy's pain and overwhelming joy when he is successful.
The tone of the book will ring true for Pride and Prejudice fans, and will be a delightful read for a new crop of Jane Austen admirers .


  1. NO WAY! I am SOOO going to check these out! That is so TOTALLLY AWESOME! :) Thanks Michelle!

  2. Wow, this sounds SOOOOOO totally awesome! In books like pride and prejudice, I'm always wondering what the male protogonist is thinking. I'll definately have to see if my library has it.