Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Navy~ A Store Review by Madeline Hunt

Old Navy is a fun store that has mostly modest clothing- no store is completely modest and things look different on individual people so make sure that you follow your modesty standards when shopping at any store.
This adorable light blue boat neck is modest and classy. The wide angle of the neckline is so cute and the three quarter length sleeves are fabulous - they balance the top perfectly. The best part is you can get it in like 15 colors the prices range from $15 and down. This color is $3.97- What a steel!
These jeans are so cute. I love the sparkly embellishment on the pockets. The color is very versatile and classic, with slight fading these jeans are perfect! They are not a super low rise either! They are only $24.97! When do you find cute jeans this cheep?
I love these earrings, if I was not currently broke I would buy them in a heartbeat! I love the shape and texture! They are the perfect addition to this outfit. You can grab them for $8.50
The print of this cute scarf dresses up this other wise simple outfit. The color is great! It would also be a versatile piece that would go great with allot of other tops. What a cute scarf for only $12.50
These light blue sneakers are so cute and they go great with the top! A perfect way to look cute and still be comfortable. You can get comfort and cuteness for only $16.97. For a cute pair of sneakers what a great deal!!
Total: $66.91
Cute modest outfit for just over 65 bucks!
Please don't use my words to convince your self to dress immodestly- these clothes may or may not be modest on you.

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  1. Old Navy has THE BEST JEANS I HAVE EVER SLIPPED INTO! :) I luv 'em! That shirt is SO cute! Thanks Madeline! (My Second fave place to get jeans is gap - comfy and cute at the same time!