Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wet Seal Store Review~ By Renee Arnold

Wet Seal is an amazing store where you can find all kinds of clothes at a very reasonable price. Out of the variety they have, I decided to pick out an outfit ideal for a hot summer day hanging out with friends.

Floral Asymmetrical Tunic This asymmetric shirt has all the makings of your favorite summer top! It would look stunning with shorts and sandals or even with jeans and wedges for a fancier event. Any way you wear it, this shirt will stand out! If you would feel more comfortable or if a school dress code applies, you may want to buy a tank top to go under it, look for something pink or maybe even white if you go with that idea.

Price Tag $19.50

Porkcop Turn Cuff BermudaWith their 7.5 inch inseam, this shorts are very modest and go perfectly with our top. These shorts are a very unique color and because of their detailing, they are not like most bermuda shorts that you already have in your closet.

Price Tag $24.80

Patent Leatherette Flip Flop These patent leather flip flops are durable and comfier then average rubber flip flops. They are available in more than one color so go with white if you're looking for versatility or pink if you want the ideal color for this specific outfit. Either way, these shoes will be the perfect choice for a casual day.

Price Tag $5.80

Normally a necklace or a bracelet is good to finish off an ensemble but since the shirt is so beautiful it doesn't need any help from jewelry to enhance it. Also, since this is a casual outfit, jewelry usually gets in the way and is unnecessary.

The final price is $50.10 for the entire outfit!

Wet Seal has a great selection of clothes, not all modest, although they have some great shirts, some are tight and revealing. Wet Seal has a variety of bermuda shorts and Capri's that won't disappoint! They do however have some shorter shorts that might be too short on some body types. They don't have true one-pieces or tankini's but they do have monokini's and full coverage bikini's so it just depends on what you are comfortable with through Jesus!

As always, remember to pray about your standards and stand firm to what you believe!

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