Friday, July 15, 2011

What If We Were Real- Mandisa~ A Music Review by Michelle Pell

Mandisa, who's albums have hit top christian charts, was in the top eight of the fifth season of American Idol. Recently, on a talk show, Mandisa shared an experience she had with one of the judges, Simon Cowell. Before she went of the show to audition, she felt like she would be okay if they critized her about her voice but not her weight. Simon did not make fun of her heaviness to her face but after she left the audition, she later found out that he insulted her to his fellow judges. Later in the the show Mandisa was able to go to Simon publicly and tell him that she forgive him. And that she can show him forgiveness because of the grace and mercy that Jesus showed her. Since then Mandisa has lost 121 pounds!
Mandisa has also published two others albums, plus a Christmas one. True Beauty and Freedom contain some of my favorite songs ever and are must-haves.

A song of encouragement, Mandisa sings that all the struggles that we go through in life will truly make us stronger.

2. What If We Were Real
Mandisa starts out singing about her frustration with the pressure to always look perfect. Then goes on to sing about "what if we shared our brokenness, what if we were real?"

3. These Days
A song about all the hard and not-so-fun days of our lives and learning to find joy in each one of those.

4. The Truth About Me
She sings about what could happen if we learn to view ourselves through God's eyes and truly believe the truth, that we are beautiful works of art.

5. Say Goodbye
With the love of Christ we are able to say goodbye to all the guilt, our past, and the pain and learn to say hello to the freedom, grace, and peace found in God's love.

6. Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)
Everyday is new, and with God everyday is a good morning, full of sunshine and birds singing.

7. Waiting for Tomorrow
Mandisa sings about seizing the moment we have to further Christ's kingdom instead of "Waiting for Tomorrow" to do it.

8. Just Cry
Very heartfelt, Mandisa sings that it's okay to just let it flow sometimes and pray those tearful prayers.

9. Temporary Fills
This song is a little different sounding with a rock feel, about not wanting all these "temporary fills" but a life filled with Jesus' love.

10. Free
The chorus of this song is straight from John 8:36, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

11. Lifeline
A praise song to Jesus, telling Him that He is all we need to keep us breathing and living.

I highly recommend this album. Every song is so fresh and different. 

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  1. My brother's (and one of mine) favorite song is Stronger. It truly is an awesome song! :)