Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Fashion~ By Renee Arnold

None of us want to think about getting up at 6:00 AM and heading out the door to school, but the reality is, we have about a month left until our alarms will be going off much too early once again! Picking the perfect outfit for school each day is most likely important to you, here is your guide to 3 back to school fashion trends that are stylish and modest.

Trend #1: Cropped Tops
Probably this summer you have seen a girl wearing a cropped top without a cami underneath, exposing her stomach, but this is only one part of the cropped top trend. These short cut shirts also look great exposing less skin like the one shown below. I would advise picking out a cropped top and then going to find a few colored cami's that would look great underneath. This way, you can be in style, mix up your look and still be modest!

Trend #2: Floral Print
Flowers and more flowers are in style yet again for the girly girls out there! This trend is very diverse and ranges from skirts to tank tops so I'm sure you'll find something floral you love! If it is a t-shirt or tank top, make sure it's not too low that you're exposing cleavage or too high showing off you're stomach. If you choose a skirt, make sure you're upper thighs and butt are covered, possible about fingertip length depending on your body type. If you're in doubt, put it back on the shelf or ask for a second opinion to be safe!

Trend #3: Leopard Print
America is once again borrowing fashion idea's from the wild! Animal prints, especially leopard are going to be very popular! Again, make sure it is modest and not exposing too much which should be easy to do considering there are so many options out there!

Good luck at back to school! Have a very successful year and remember that God is there with you every step of the way. Please, don't take any of my suggestions as excuses to wear something you feel convicted not to wear or your parents don't think is right. Pray about your wardrobe with God and he'll come through for you.

Did you know that Renee LOVES apples, but HATES apple juice??

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