Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Hair Day?~ Madeline Hunt

All of us sometimes have what we affectionately call "Bad Hair Days" and "Good Hair Days". We all have times when we love our hair and when we wish that we could just be bald because our hair is so annoying!

Let me tell you: There is No such thing as a Bad Hair Day!!!
The gift that God blessed our head with (Our Hair) is beautiful. Weather those curls turn into a mountain of frizz or your straight locks look like limp strings.
Now I know your saying "Madeline, are you kidding??" Nope. I have wrestled with this a lot obsessing over my hair. But there is hope even if you don't think I'm right. :D

Here are some easy ways to hide those so called "bad" hair days:

Wear a cute hat: (If your school has rules about hat wearing be sure to follow them)
There are a wide variety of cute hats that won't break the bank at stores like Target, Claire's, Walmart, etc. A hat can also jazz up and otherwise boring outfit! If you think Hats don't work for your head think again. There are styles that work for any face shape and personal sense of style.

Put it up in a messy bun.
No one will ever know that your hair and you are not on the best of terms! This hair style will work for hair that is shoulder length or below and remember: It is supposed to look messy! That is  what adds the flair!

Wear it down with a smile
I know what your thinking- but embrace the hair that God gave you I have gotten lots of compliments on my hair when I though it looked horrible! Never underestimate the power of a smile! Remember what the little orphan Annie said " Your never fully dressed without a Smile"

Add a cute outfit
"Bad" hair can look cuter with the right outfit!

Try Braids
One on the side, One down the back, One on each side. French, fishtail, regular. Loose, or Tight. The possibilities are endless!

How do you cover up a "bad" hair day?

Did you know that Madeline LOVES skirts?!

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