Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Q&A with Haley!

Hello Readers!

As you may remember, last month I ask girls to send me some of your questions about guys and dating! Here are your answers!

Dear Haley, My best friend and I like the same guy and now she won't talk to me. I liked him first but she said that she did. What should I do?


Dear Torn,

This one is hard, but a boy is NEVER worth loosing a best friend. I say PRAY PRAY PRAY then sit down with your bff, tell her this is not worth losing her over. If she still wants the boy, then let her have the boy. Stand up and don't let this relationship fail just because of a boy. Maybe even pray together, who knows, this crush could and most likely will pass. So just hold in there!


Dear Haley, I don't have a boyfriend but all of my friends do. They keep saying that I need a boyfriend because I'm a senior and it's part of the 'senior experience'. What do you think?

Senior and Single

Dear S&S,

Don't give into the pressure to date just because your friends say it's the thing to do. There is so much more to the 'senior experience' than landing a guy. You have your whole life to worry about finding "Mr. Right", if you haven't found him yet then God hasn't given him to you yet!   Enjoy these single years and look forward to your future, and maybe even pray for your future husband! Don't give into the pushing to date just any guy, wait for the one who proves himself worthy of a woman like you!

Dear Haley, My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We are both are 18 and we are already talking about marriage. My parents think we are to young, but I don't think so. What should I do? Should I wait until my parents are okay with it, or just follow my heart?


Dear Waiting,

I know the feeling of wanting to marry young, I go though it every day! But you have to think about this, do either of you make enough money to support a whole months rent, plus food and other bills? Are you even out of highschool, cause I'm 18 and I'm not. I say wait a year or two more, get through some college and wait for your parents approval. Cause the last thing you want to do is go into a new marriage and have problems with your parents. If you guys feel the need that you MUST get married make it a long engagment. But my opinion is to just sit back and wait alittle while longer and pray about it!


Dear Haley, I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. When I ask him, he gets all defencive and yells. What do you think I should do?

The Cheated

Dear Cheated,

This is a hard one, I delt with being cheated on for a long time and it's never easy! I say back off him for alittle bit and just seek God on this, and once you feel strong and calm enough confront him one last time asking for an honest answer, look into his eyes and try to not let him change the subject or point it back at you. After that, really this is up to you. You're the one who's gonna be able to tell if he is really cheating and lying about it or not. But if you really think he is let him go. Last thing you need to be putting up with is a cheater, they don't love you and won't help you in the long run.


Dear Haley, What are some things you can go do on a date that are completely safe to do? Things where you are not tempted to do anything?
Safe Date

Dear Safe Date,

I love that you want somewhere to go where you won't be tempted to do wrong things! There's a whole world of things you can do that are cheap yet fun to do!

1. Fancy dinner for two at Mcdonalds (Or any other cheap fast food) dress up in your best dress and go out with your man to Mcdonalds! You'll get a kick out of the looks you'll get from people and it's a good time and place to sit and get to know eachother over a good Big Mac!

2. The roller rink or ice skating rink! This one's always fun and normaly cheap. Besides the sometimes awkward couples dance, this is a great way to have fun and get to watch eachother act like fools skatting around and falling on your butts! (I know I would be!)

3. Work out date, take your sweety to the gym to get alittle sweaty! Jog together or swim together, there's nothing like burning fat with someone you enjoy!

4. I always enjoy window shopping with my boyfriend (Even though he sometimes gets tired of it!) find a mall or a strip of shops that you enjoy. Go from store to store talking about what each of you like and don't like. It's a great way of finding more out about eachother!

5. Going to a concert you both enjoy is a great time too! But don't expect to be able to talk much until the ride home.

6. The zoo, every zoo always has a free day. So keep a eye out for those days cause a zoo can be a fun way to act like kids again together. It can bring up memories from when you were a kid to share with your date too!

7. Local flea markets or famers markets. Those always have something good to buy and something fun to do! A great time all together!

8. Play house: Dress up in your most serious grownup outfit to visit some open houses.(I honestly have to try out this one!) Spend the day arguing over where you would put the love seat, discussing the difference between eggshell and ecru paint, and giggling over strangers' hideous decorating choices. This could be fun if you don't take any of it seriously. Just have it be a fun goofy date. Most open houses are on Saturday's and Sunday's.

9. Bowling is a good way to to spend some good time together. Even if both of you totally suck at it, it's fun to watch eachother suck! You could put silly names up on the score bored, or dance around on the floor. Act like fools, who honestly  cares?!

10.Appeal to his inner child (it shouldn't be too hard to tap into) and buy tickets for a carnival,county fair or state fair. Embrace the cheesiness — share cotton candy, let him try to win you a prize, and ride the Ferris wheel until you get nauseous. It's a great way to get to know each other if you've just started dating and will serve as a reminder of how much fun you can have together if you've been dating for awhile.

Hope those helped!

Did you know that Haley HATES rollercoasters?!


  1. Hey, I've never even been on one :P
    Great answers Haley!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Those are great 'safe date' ideas! I particularly like the Open House one! I can't wait to try that one out with my next boyfriend :D


  3. Yeah I love looking at houses, new ones and old! It's a great way to find out each others taste and just to be totally silly! I have yet to do it with my own boyfriend, But it'll be an awesome time when we finally do get to do it! :D

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