Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Down East Basics~ Store Review by Madeline Hunt

I love Down East Basics! They are a modest clothing company- that is super cute! I wish I could buy up the whole store. Feminine styles and unexpected touches of extra beauty make every item unique. Think Anthropoligie yet way cheaper! This outfit is perfect for going out for dinner, going to church or even hanging with your friends!

I love this shirt. It's green color blends perfectly with that of the skirt. The flower detailing on the side adds an extra touch without overpowering the skirt. A basic v-neck is a great addition to your closet! You will probably need to wear a tank top with this top to keep it modest and cute! You can pick it up for $24.99.

Okay, I'm a skirt girl! You will probably find me in a skirt most of the time in the summer! I love this one though- it's a print that's not so crazy, but perfect for the girl who wants to look feminine and beautiful! I wish I could talk myself into buying, but my budget does not allow it. So you buy it and wear it and I will be satisfied that someone got to wear the cute skirt. Okay? This pretty addition to your closet will cost you $32.99
Womens Montego Bay ClubPopstar Embellished Gladiator Sandal
A flat sandal is a must for the girl who wants to be comfortable yet cute. I love the little details on this pair. The style will most likely be in next year to and $16.99 is a great price for shoes! Since Down East Basics does not carry shoes, I found this pair from Payless Shoe Source.

I would add some pretty dangle earrings and a simple necklace to balance out the outfit. Or if you don't have your ears pierced you could wear a cute flower headband!
Please don't use this post or my words to justify wearing something that goes against your modesty standards or the ones your parents have set in place! The clothes from Down East Basics may or may not be modest on you depending on your body type.

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  1. Cute!!! Does Down East Basics have a website or is it only in stores?

  2. They have a website: http://www.downeastbasics.com/