Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strange People at Wal Mart~ Rachel Melillo

I work at Walmart and I just want to say it on the record: there area lot of strange things that happen. I'll share a few of them with you.

The first thing is probably the most common...and the most confusing. I'm a cashier and the bathroom is at the front of the store—right next to the cash registers. There is a large sign that says 'restrooms' and yet I could be standing right in front of the bathrooms and people will still come up to me and ask me where the bathrooms are. I once had a woman ask me, I pointed to it and she still couldn't see them.

Also, one day (although this has happened more than once) there was a hide-and-seek game going on in the clothing section by (based on their voices) a six-year old, a ten-year old, and a twelve-year old. I would have loved to join them, but it happened to be kind of busy at that moment. -sigh- I suppose it's called 'work' for a reason.

I see a lot of kids riding bicycles—they may be test-riding them, but it still seems weird to see that. I mean, our store isn'tthat big!

I've seen a lot of pets—dogs, fish, cats, and well, just the other day there was this really cute spider web (still haven't seen the spider yet though) and it was justso geometrically perfect—like a spiderweb is supposed to be! I saw a seven week old kitty the other day and go to hold it—he was adorable and his fur was super soft!

The outfits. I mean, I know as Christians that we're not supposed to judge people based on appearances,'s not Halloween yet, people! Although it does give me a good, mental laugh whenever I see someone dressed up kind of...well, odd, I can't help but wonder what prompted them to dress up like Waldo, Superman, Cinderella (or another Disney princess), and 'hunter dude' (complete with the coonskin cap). And then there's the person who no one can figure out if they're male or female. They look really female, but they have such a low voice that it seems that it has to be a male—and they also have a more masculine build. -shrug- Like I said though, we're not supposed to judge based on appearances.

Hope you've enjoyed this list of odd things that I see while working at Walmart. For ideas of funny things to do at Walmart, visit this website:

Have fun, don't do anything illegal!

Did you know that if Rachel could be any animal, she would want to be a panda? She says it's because they get to sit around and eat all day while people tell them how cute they are. She also wonders if pandas can blush...

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  1. Yes, I do wonder at those people sometimes...:) I also wonder at the people who come in their pajamas...but then, I just remeber those days in which I stay in my pajamas and don't care WHO sees me in them. :)