Friday, September 23, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens~ Kari Willinger

When I first heard that a movie called "Cowboys & Aliens" was coming out, I completely rejected the idea. I mean, come on! "Cowboys & Aliens"? Really? They couldn't come up with a better name? The good thing is, I don't usually judge a book by its cover, so I decided to watch "Cowboys & Aliens" and, to my great suprise, I really enjoyed it.
The story begins in 1875, in the Arizona Territory. The Old West. When a stranger (Daniel Craig who plays James Bond in Casino Royal) wanders into a very unfriendly town. The town, Absolution, is run by the no-nonsense colonel, Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford- Indiana Jones movies). The town lives in fear and desolation and immediately rejects the stranger that stumbles into their territory. Little do they know, that very stranger is exactly what they need in order to fight off the Aliens that have come to earth. The stranger, though, has no idea about his past or who he is. Watch the story unfold and the problems resolve in this action-western movie.
I give this movie a 4/5, in my personal preference (and yes, I took off points for the name, because, I mean, you would think the people that dream this stuff up could dream up a more interesting name!) It was a great movie, BUT there is some stuff I wasn't very happy about. In one scene, we see a woman's bare back, as she is, supposedly, naked. In another scene, a woman is apparently a prostitute and people call her a whore. The profanity is not great. There is around 10-20 cuss words, but no F-bombs.
 If you want to watch this movie but do not like cussing I suggest a TVG they can be very helpful.
Did you know that Kari LOVES Edward Cullen?!

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