Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indian Sumer~ Emily Ciszewski

It’s perfect weather.
I view the world from my window;
The leaves are a blanket of orange, yellow, red and brown – like my Grandma’s old quilt.
The cotton ball clouds slowly moving over the sun, the light shadowed and then bright again.
Each tree speaks – warm barky tones whisper – ‘tis almost winter, but not yet.
I pull my heavy comforter from my bed and race out the door to the yard, lay it out on the green wind swayed grass and then fall into it – heaven’s peace must feel a bit like this.
I laugh softly – to myself and to my God, at the worries and burdens of yesterday. They are but a sprinkle of pepper in this life of cinnamon and spice.
My nose is filled with the scent of crushed maple leaves, a taste that is only savored when the wind blows over the land this way.
A whisper…a messenger touches my ear…here is his peace….he says….I sigh.
Eyes closed to the steady light – it’s warmth like the breath of a baby – I give in to his open arms and know – this is true love.

Did you know that Emily
Did you know that Jess loves singing?! There isn't a day where she doesn't sing!

Photograph property of Lilies Among Thorns Magazine. Photograph taken by Jess Mc.

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