Friday, November 11, 2011


Around twenty years ago, a great movie came to the theatres. This movie was about a city kid changing the minds and hearts of all the Country people. Well this movie was called Footloose and was recently remade. This new movie had somethings that I think made this movie better than the first. But along with the good things there were some bad things.
When City-boy Ren McCormack moves to a small town, he has alot ahead of him. Being the new-kid always sucks but being the new-kid in a town that bans Rock n' Roll and Dancing is even worse. Ren learns things about himself while working tirelessly to change this town. Will he suceed and bring back dancing or will he lose and be forced to forget his roots and everything he loves?
The remade Footloose was very good, it kept me entertained and wanting more. It sticked with the storyline of the first movie for the most part, only straying a little bit. Alot of the lines in the movie were the exact same lines as were in the first one. The main thing I liked more about this movie though, was the dancing. There was a more modernized style and sound to this movie that I greatly enjoyed. The dancing was insane and very cool. The part I wished was different was the acting. Whoever decided to pick professional dancers to act such crazy parts should have thought again. These people were amazing on the dance floor but when they were acting it just didn't play out right. Other than that the movie was great. I think if you watched it you would really enjoy it also.
This movie is PG-13. There is no sex though it is implied. There is a slew of cussing so a cussbox would really be helpful towards this movie. There is 20 S***, 10 A** and h***, D*** and B**** are used 4 or 5 times. There is one scene in the movie where Ren talks about having sex with two russian girls, this story is fake and a joke but he talks about it for a good three minutes. I give the move a 3/5
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