Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Submerged

Our very own Abigail got to do this interview with the band Submerged!! I hope you enjoy!

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce you to some people from my old home-state of Indiana who I really think you are going to like: Nic, Cait, and Gavin of the band Submerged. You probably have never heard of them before, but I think after you get to know them a little, you’ll start to love them as much as I do.
Submerged first began back in 2006 and has since remained true to its initial goals: staying true to God and setting a good example of Christ before the world. In 2008, the band released its first album entitled “Don’t Hide.” Rather than settling for a couple good songs, the band pushed itself to offer its fans a solid album full of their very best efforts while promoting faith, love, and emotion from the first to the last second. With Ben Kasica –former lead guitarist of Skillet- co-writing and producing, and Acceptance’s Nick Radovanovic engineering and remixing it, their album was released through Skies Fall Studios and met all of their expectations and then some.
Lead singer and songwriter Caitlin Shea was very pleased with the final product, saying that working with Ben and the others really taught them quite a bit. She also explains how all the songs are written from either firsthand experience, or from watching her friends go through things –and that while recording, stories, music, and emotions came together beautifully.

Getting to Know Them…
Q: How did Submerged get started?
Nic: We started out as a youth band at church, back in summer of 2006. Soon after, we went from just playing church events to playing all over the place, from Ichthus to Rocketown in Florida. In the process, we've met some really great people - we recorded our album with Ben Kasica, Skillet's former guitarist, and we played shows with bands such as Icon For Hire, Stellar Kart, 7eventh Time Down, and Seabird as well!

Q: Although your music has quite a strong Christian basis, I’m sure it also appeals to those who generally don’t listen to Christian music as well. Has it been difficult trying to balance writing music that attracts those who don’t share your faith as well as songs which will point them the right way while still writing things relevant to Christians?
Gavin: I’ve always thought it was because you had to make sure you’re bridging the gaps between the two but not crossing over.
Nic: You kind of have to push the envelope, but you can’t push it too much, so you really have to find the right balance.
Cait: I agree and disagree with that. It is a fine line, but I always write what I feel and don’t really think about it in the moment. I try to write from experience and things my peers can relate to, whether that is God-centered or emotion based. So I think it gives us a good mix, naturally.

Q: As a band, what is your biggest goal? If you could accomplish one thing together, what would it be?
Cait: The biggest goal is to touch lives and lead people to God. And if that means we eventually get signed... That'd be even more awesome!

Q: What is a lesson (faith-wise) each of you have learned since you’ve been a part of Submerged?
Nic: You can find really cool surprises in the most unlikely places. Big shows aren't always the best. At smaller shows, you get to meet close-knit communities that have strong faith, and that's always really inspiring.
Gavin: I've really learned to trust in God, even when things don't look like they're going the way you planned. Because you always have to know He has a better plan than you can imagine.

Cait: I agree with Gavin. A musician's life isn't glamorous like most people think. It's definitely trying at times, and you really have to have the passion for it to stick it out. But it's God's calling for us, and He'll always provide.

Q: Frequently how/why we come to Christ can really affect the way we live our lives afterwards. Could each of you tell us a little about how you came to Christ and the impact that has made in how you live today?
Cait: Jesus has always been such a big part of my life. If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. I had way different plans for my life, though they still were plans to dedicate my life to Him... but He steered me a different way. And I love it.
Nic: Cait and I are brother and sister, so we've had pretty similar experiences, faith-wise. I feel like that's been a great thing - we've always kept each other in check!

Gavin: I came to know Christ when I was pretty young, but when I was around 14, He really made a big impact in my life and changed my life for the better.

Q: How are things looking for your new album? Do you have a tentative release date for it yet?
Gavin: February 30th.
[Everyone laughs]
Cait: Seriously, though, the album is coming together, but funding the album is difficult. We've also gone through so many changes since our last album, that it's been hard to get solid as a band enough to ready the album. But it will happen, and we will make a big announcement!

Q: Do you (Cait) ever find it challenging to be the only girl in the band?
Cait: Never. I’m a very girly girl, but I’m also just one of the guys. I’ve never felt out of place hanging with the boys.

Q: What bands do you think have most influenced your music?
Cait: We always list our band influences as Anberlin, Paramore, and Skillet. Switchfoot was a big influence too, especially when we started. Now we all have so many different influences that come into play in our sound. For instance, my biggest influences are Michelle Branch, Miranda Lambert, Stephen from Anberlin, Gwen Stefani, and a Japanese artist named YUI. But I still love and am inspired by rock music.
Gavin: I study the bands I like live to learn from them, and that influences me, and it's also reaffirming. My biggest overall influence though is Anberlin. And you could probably put down Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Joe Jonas too. [Everyone laughs]
Nic: [sarcastically, laughing] Oh, yeah, and Lady Gaga inspires my clothing style. I have the same Kermit The Frog outfit! [seriously] Some of my actual influences include Stellar Kart, Decyfer Down, Underoath... and secular artists as varied as Kanye West, Steely Dan, Jack Johnson and Los Lonely Boys.

Q: If you could change your band name to anything else...what would it be?
Nic: The Peg Legs.
Cait: [laughs] We always joke we'll change our name to that, and then crack pirate jokes the whole show. But actually, it's funny you mention that, because we have been considering a name change lately, we're just not sure what it would be.

Q: Have you ever considered giving up the band and just going your separate ways to live more "normal" lives?
Gavin: Not really. It's something I've wanted to do from day one, so I've never thought about giving up the life I've always wanted.
Nic: I've always told everyone in the band: "I'll be a part of this as long as y'all want me." [laughs]
Cait: I've never doubted that this is what I'm supposed to be doing, so I've never wanted to quit.

Finding Out More…
Submerged is currently at work on their sophomore album in which they hope to showcase their growing maturity in both faith and music. Until then however, you can catch them out playing shows or through any of the following places:, ,, and iTunes

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