Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Meal, One Day


               November 9th 2011

Have you ever been the one who hasn’t eaten all day? No - I don’t mean skipping breakfast. We’ve all done that. Have you ever been the one to groan with a pathetic puppy dog look “I’m STARVING!”? Yeah…I’ve done that.


Have you ever seen a child, sitting on the doorstep of an old blackened shack, tummy bloated, eyes so old you want to look away?



Took you by surprise, didn’t it?

Which kid looks hungry? (This is a rhetorical question. You don’t need to answer me.)

Have you ever been the one to search Bing for images of hungry kids? I have. In fact - I just did for your sake. That’s why I want to weep right now.

One Meal One Day is an advocate for hungry people.

On November 9th, 2011, Compassion International declares the day for the hungry. So we spoiled children of America can share our food (maybe I sound rude, but I’m including myself in the spoiled thing, ok?).

This is what it is – it’s a time where you skip 1 meal and give a couple bucks to feed hungry people. Kids all over can encourage their friends to help the hungry!

Students pass out empty paper bags and hand them out at school/youth group/anywhere and invite their friends to skip one meal and give around 5 dollars to the goal. They can do this as many times as they like and then give you their paper bags when they’re done (when they finally start missing lunch!). You as a leader then send in the money by November 9th to Compassion International!

What we do get to do is this:

1. Visit the site webpage here:

And get all the cool stuff downloaded a donation/goal sheet and cool posters! All at no expense to you – Compassion delivers it for free!

2. Tell your friends! Have it announced at Church and put posters up around town. Tell all your school friends, your youth group - hey, tell your Martial Arts class! J Buy a package of small paper bags and hand them out to everyone interested in donating their lunch money, daily - if they want! Also include invitations for…..

3. A party (without food!) on November 9th - invite all your friends to meet somewhere, like the park, make sure everyone brings their bags of cash and, if you’d like to make T-shirts, have everyone wear them! J

4. Make a goal. I’m setting my goal at 1000.00 - cool, huh? Once you print the goal sheet you can start taking in donations! On November 9th you can send Compassion International your check(s)!

Alright, so I know it’s late – I’m speaking start planning now – for next year! I especially recommend doing this at school! You get the chance to tell people - and more importantly – show them the love of Jesus! You can do it this year though, just do it yourself, or get a couple of your friends to do it. Send Compassion what money you get in the next few days!! You can still do something!

So, are you ready to feed millions of starving kids all over the world?

I am.

Ready? Set? GO!



BTW - want to hear the updates on my goal? Go to !

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