Monday, November 21, 2011

Suddenly~ Rachel Melillo

Suddenly. So many times, life changes in a moment. In the Bible, people would be living their lives—their ordinary every day lives—when suddenly God did something. And it was amazing.

When I think of all the extraordinary and some devastating things in the Bible, I see events like the hosts of heavenly angels coming out to see the shepherds, Jesus healing people, the hand writing on the wall. That night that Jesus was born, the shepherds were just doing their job, tending their sheep as always. Then suddenly, a host of angels appeared to them and they fell on their faces. Suddenly, God changed their lives. When Jesus healed people, it wasn't a preplanned event, but he saw a need and a faithful, believing heart, and he healed them. Suddenly, Jesus changed their lives. The king was having a banquet when suddenly, God came down and wrote on the wall. Suddenly, that king was never the same.

How could God suddenly work in your life? How many times do we miss God's sudden blessings because we're focusing on the negative parts of life or the things that aren't going how we want them to? What would happen if we looked for the God's sudden blessings and life changing events in our lives? Let's live suddenly, sisters. :)

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  1. Stumbled upon this site while researching the word 'suddenly'. This 56 year old woman needs one. This looks like an awesome site to encourage teenagers. I'm an unemployed teacher trying to sell our house to move to SC - plenty of teaching jobs there. Please keep up the great writing. God Bless!