Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rue21 Store Review~ Renee Arnold

Rue 21 is a sensational store if you are searching for great deals on stylish clothes. They have everything from tops, shirts, jeans, shoes and even beauty products! I visited their web site to look for an adorable fall outfit that would be simple and classy.
This versatile striped sweater has very soft and pretty colors and will work well with many things you already own! I love how the sleeves slouch at the wrists instead of just being flat. I think this adds a special flare to the sweater. This sweater is available for $20.
Bootcut jeans are the perfect option for school because they are very flattering and they don't restrict moving like tight skinny jeans do. These flap pocket jeans are $20 and have very detailed stitching on the sides that make them stand out from other jeans on the market.
I fell in love with these heels the first second I saw them! I adore how the bootie shape with the peep toe and the bow adds a very unique accent. These shoes are $30 and will complement the gray and pink sweater perfectly!
Because of the intricate shoes and basic sweater, I don't think this ensemble needs any help from jewelry but Rue 21 has plenty of affordable options ranging from $5-$10.
As far as modesty in the store, I was impressed until I came to the lounge wear. Their tops are generally modest although there are some stomach and midriff revealing ones advertised on the models. No jeggings or leggings as pants that I could see, which made me happy because that is such a popular trend right now and honestly, I don't find it flattering or modest.
The biggest problems I saw were the skirts and sleepwear/underwear. The skirts were very short and tight and the underwear/sleepwear was very inappropriate. I do not want a pair of underwear that states "Boys will the Toys" Ya, no thanks. And do pre-teen girls really need more of an ego boost with sweaters that say "I'm kind of a big deal" and "No paparazzi please?" I don't think so!
Although you might find some good jeans and pretty tops there, don't go in search for skirts or dorm wear, unless you want "I love french kissing" written across your butt.
Did you know that Renee hates sitting still?!

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  1. I got some really cute stuff there a few weeks ago! I was surprised at how affordable and cute a lot of their stuff was