Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peace and Patience~ Renee Arnold

Last month, I wrote about the first two qualities listed in Galatians 5:22-23 love and joy. This month I will write about peace and patience.
Peace is a tricky concept. Over the years, pop culture has taken peace to different extremes. During wars, hippies and other anti-war groups have used the peace sign to symbolize togetherness and harmony. What is true biblical peace? Peace is trying your best to not quarrel and casue trouble with others. That doesn't mean not confronting those who do wrong or cowering in a corner when those you love are being attacked. Peace is trying to avoid conflict but defending those who are being confronted.
Patience is one of the hardest of the fruits for me to abice by. I am not a very patient person at all, I snap at my sister, I get fidgetty at church and assemblys and don't like to concentrate on one thing at once. Patience is a trait I wish I had becasue it makes life more enjoyable becasue you're not always looking ahead, you're content in the moment. This is something I need to work on personally.
Keep your eyes peeled for future articles about fruit of the spirit!
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Did you know that Haylie's fourth favorite animal is a dragon?!
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