Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Do You Do For Your Do? ~ Haylie Gregory

If I went rummaging through your bathroom cabinets would I find it full of hair products or full of dust and cobwebs? If you went through mine you’d most likely find both! Many bottles are covered in dust with only a little bit of product used while others I am scrapping the sides trying to get every bit I can.

If you have a cabinet like mine, you are a product junky. You’ve tried many products and you know what you like. I want to encourage each one of you to not be afraid to try new products! But before you go out and fill your shopping cart full of hair products, I want to share with you what each product does.

Mousse: Mousse is one of the most versatile products out there. Its primary purpose is to add volume and hold, but it can also fight frizz, add shine, fatten up fine hair and define curls. Mousse is great to use for those special occasion do’s. It will keep your hair looking elegant all night long. I highly suggest you use mousse for hold if the smell of hairspray bothers you.

Hairspray: Hairsprays main purpose is to provide hold, but each hairspray can provide a different kind of hold. Some can give you a natural, lightweight hold while others can give you a rock hard hold! Lightweight hairsprays are wonderful at fighting frizz and making blow dried hair smooth and soft. Firm holds are good for keeping those up dos in place. 

Shine Spray: Shine spray is a finishing product that gives you a nice, shiny polished finish to your hair. It can also control frizz and flyaways. It is ideal for those special occasions do’s.

Thickening Lotion: Thickening lotion is known as the alternative to mousse. This can build body and volume and also add texture to your hair for a fuller look. Some often have treatment properties that can boost strength and condition your hair! Unlike mousse, they do not give you as much texture or hold, but it does give you much more softness and flexibility which is a major plus!

Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is primarily used to freshen up dirty hair between washes. It also creates volume at your roots, gives your hair a messy, matte look and makes freshly washed hair easier to style. It is fantastic for those who want their styled hair to last more than one day.

Gel: Gel is ideal for girls with naturally curly hair. It defines curls and tames frizz. It is also great to keep short looks in place if it is stronger hold. You can get it in a cream or lightweight formulas. Gel will give your hair a wet look if you do not blow dry it.

Serum: Serum is superb at achieving a sleek, high shine finish. It can also be used to control frizz and flyaways, define curls and increase impact on a straightened do. It is also useful for protecting your hair from hair damage though I suggest you only use it when you are out of heat protector.

Texturizing Products: This category includes pastes, putties, clays, muds and waxes which are all top notch for short cuts/styles. They are used in the final stages of styling hair to create texture, define random ends, create a piece/ separated effect, add polish and shine or create a matte, messy effect.

Creams, Lotions and Balms:  These are the go-to products when waxes, pastes and putties are too heavy for the longer hair. They are used to define ends and create texture and separation they also can define curls and add softness and shine! Some can even help hydrate your hair. (Bonus!)  

Thermal Protectors: Thermal Protectors are a must-have for every girl who applies heat to her hair. They protect your hair from the heat damage causes by styling your hair with heated tools. A really good thermal protector also helps protect your hair from sun damage.

As you can see, there are many styling products you can us on your hair, but here’s the main question: where are you going to start?

Did you know that Haylie is considering becoming a hair stylist?!


  1. Are there any specific brands you recommend?
    (Especially for long hair)

  2. It depends on the product you are wanting. For the girls on budget, I love Tresemme hair products :) What kind of products are you wanting to try????

  3. I'm not sure, maybe mousse, thickening lotion, or serum?