Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whiter Than Snow~ Lea Sadler

Icy breaths of chilly demons lining up
taking turns assaulting with deceit.
Her glassy eyes see exactly that they throw
her own failures and pathetic conceit.
They show no mercy, they don't give up
surrounding, laughing, prodding
taunting her with past regrets, past mistakes
twisting her thoughts from worth to accusing.
Footprints imprinted in the frozen ground
to show her where she's heading
where she's been, where she's drowned
in disgusting, sinful lies of her own doing.
Icycles hang ready to strike
pure into her poor, oppressed heart
Glacial knives just waiting war-like
to rip her misled, worn-down life apart.
But soon a soft, light rain of ice will pass through
and she will find beauty in her midst
the beauty of love, and peace, and truth
and most of all a second chance
A second chance, a new start to be clean
another opportunity to be all she's dared to hope
to fight her demons, to toss them out of scene
to grasp a branch to be saved from the slippery slope.
A small light will break through the clouds
and the blaze of sun will blind her enemies
she will call on the one she has found
to be the only one to offer eternal peace.

She has only to hang on and be patient
for her old life is ready to go
her second chance is now on its way
and she will become whiter than snow.

Did you know that Lea is fasinated by cryptozoology?!
Did you know that Sarah changes the color of her nail weekly?!

Photograph property of Lilies Among Thorns Magazine. Photograph taken by Sarah Ford.

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