Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kindness and Goodness~ Renee Arnold

So far we have covered love, joy, peace and patience. This month we will look at three virtues that are often overlooked in our culture.
Kindness and goodness are sort of the same thing in our language. They both mean considering others first and doing nice things for people. Just look at the bullying epidemic in our country. Kindness may seem like a kindergarten level topic, but evidently there are a lot of people that never listened during kindergarten. Kindness is sometimes easier than being rude. Flashing a smile to someone in need instead of following them around and insulting them. Other times it is difficult, like when your friends are teasing or gossiping about someone and you know it's wrong. In every situation kindness and goodness are the right way to go.
Another virtue lost yet treasured by our society is faithfulness. There are so many cheating scandals and adulteresses in our world. Individuals not happy with who they're with and so they go out looking for someone better. The bible calls us to be faithful to our spouse, friends, boyfriends and family. Of course that doesn't mean you stick around if you're in a destructive situation. There are always situations where the right choice is to leave.
Did you know that Renee has extremely messy handwriting?!
Did you know that Lauren owns a pair of bright pink jeans?!

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