Friday, January 13, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

If you haven't seen the Mission Impossible series I HIGHLY recommend them. I absolutely love this series. It's action packed with a little romance here and a little saving the world there. It's a mix between James Bond and the Bourne series to me. This new Mission Impossible was just as great as the others if not better.
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) accepts another mission in order to stop the world from being destroyed. Him along with a team of three others accept this dangerous mission and risk their lives doing so. Along with the dangerous acts that await them there are also secrets being kept from each other. Secrets that can change a lot. Can they get past these secrets in order to stop the bad guys? Can they accomplish their mission? Watch this highly anticipated and action pack sequel with new twist and turns along the way. When Ethan Hunt accepts his mission and starts of on this mission though it seems impossible, many bad things happen. They get found attempting to break into the Kremlin a greatly guarded building in Russia. This ignites Ghost Protocol where Ethan and his team are threatened to be blamed for the entire thing by the U.S. Despite this act, Ethan and his team get away from the Russians and the Americans but they still have to stop a Nuclear Weapon from being used. A nuclear weapon that only they can stop. Do they succeed? Watch and find out.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is rated PG-13. This movie is very clean with little cursing. There was 1 s*** and 3 or 4 muttered d***s, and one guy raises his middle finger to another guy. Two agents kiss, it lasts like 10 seconds. There is low cut tops and some high cut skirts. I rate this a 4.8/5.
Did you know that Kari has read the the Twilight Series over 25 times?!

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