Wednesday, January 11, 2012

YWAM~ A Be the Change Article by Emily Ciszewski

Loren Cunningham had a vision.

A map of the world laid out before his eyes - waves covering the continents - completely washing over them! He sat up in his bed - wide awake, but the picture went on; he soon realized the waves were people, kids really - some were around his 20 years and others even younger! The kids were talking to people all over, on the street, in front of bars, house to house - witnessing to the world!

20 year old Loren tried to grasp it - “Was it really you Lord? Why did you give me this vision?”

Loren was on a summer trip to the Bahamas, singing with a gospel quartet and sharing a home with some missionaries. He returned to college after brake with the vision and mission he’d received from God.
After college it started, in 1960. He became a minister and a youth director of activities. A missions trip to Hawaii proved to be an encouragement to the vision.

A vision for Youth with a Mission - sending out volunteer youth after high school - it would be a “prioritizer” for teens in search of adventure filled life with God.

In 1969 YWAM had it’s first year of school at a newly renovated hotel, with a total of 36 students. So Switzerland became it’s 1st base after Loren’s mission bought it.

Loren’s ministry was on perfect timing - many of the kids joining the School of Evangelism had no Christian back-ground - they had become Christ followers during the “Jesus Movement” of the 1970s.

Soon another school began, and this one would be for discipleship training. YWAM just kept growing, and kids just kept going for the Lord!

Soon Loren started a world-wide shipping ministry! The Anastastis was YWAM’s 1st ship to go out and distribute goods to the poor of the world! These Mercy Ships were working! Things just kept growing!

YWAM now has bases all over the world, in the lowest of places and the highest of capitals. Kids of all ages (the young at heart count as well) are preaching God’s Word - YWAMers are on streets, going house to house, sharing the gospel, and it’s just starting.

You can be apart of YWAM’s mission.1. Go help. You can go to a school nearest you and train, soon you can be changing lives!
2. Pray for YWAM - prayer is under-estimated these days! God has an anointing on YWAM and your words of petition to God can raise it’s steeple higher!
3. Send money - want to see people serving the Lord and following their passion for Him? YWAM could always use your help!

YWAM is not about money, giving everything away for the sake of Jesus is their true mission.
God’s Word is final say on everything.

And as it’s been said - the rest is history, although I think it’s better said this way - This history is making the future.

Want to know more? Check out

Mark 16:15 - check it out in your Bible, is God calling you?

Did you know that Emily has been in over 7 plays?!

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