Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Fashion Do Not's~ Haylie Gregory

Almost every girl wants to know what is fashionable and in style. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them or you can simply be curious. What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ changes all the time, but there are 5 things that will NEVER be in style.

~Your Bra Straps: You may think that it’s a trend, but honey, it is SO tacky. Don’t ever go there. Bras are not to be seen so why go showing them?

~ Your TaTa’s: This should be a no-brainer. Keep the ladies hidden. This is a private part and private means ‘not to be seen by anyone but you’. Tell your tata’s ta ta and invest in some undershirts.

~ Your Hiney: I know it’s hard to find jeans that don’t ride down when you squat or bend over, but there are ways to cover it. You can wear a longer shirt that covers the often revealed area or invest in a belt. Now you have no excuses so no more hiney!

~Your Tummy: Ask yourself this, would you go to church wearing a shirt that revealed your tummy? Need I say more?

~ Your Underwear: This kind of goes hand in hand with covering your hiney. Make sure that you are not flashing your underwear at anyone. Also, if you can see the outline of your underwear or especially the color of your underwear, DO NOT go out of your house, better yet, don’t even walk around your house like that! If you can see the outline of your underwear your pants might be too tight or your underwear might be too big and are bunching up. If you see the color, wear a white or flesh-colored pair. Remember, they are called UNDERwear for a reason.

We dress modestly for a few reasons…

1)      To respect the temple that God gave us

2)      To help our brother in Christ not sin

3)      To show others that there is more to you than your body

If you remember these 5 Do Not’s, or what I like to call them ‘Don’t Your Ever or I’ll Find You’s, you will be off to an amazing start at being fashionable and modest!

Did you know that Haylie's two favorite flowers are lilies and daisies?!


  1. "Keep your tatas ta ta..." xD

  2. Ahahahaha! {sorry, I just loved this so much!!!}
    Thanks for saying what I was to... embarrassed... to say {I embarrass easily...}

  3. Haha well I have no shame!!! :) Glad you ladies liked it!!!