Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Overnight Curls~ No Heat! by Grace from Mod Style Lounge

I love the all natural curls/wave look and I've been experimenting with my hair for a few months, trying to find a way to achieve it. I try to avoid heat on my hair everyday. For one, it dries it out terribly, especially in the winter, and curling my hair with a curling iron takes quite a bit of time, longer than I'd like to spend on my hair everyday.
After watching numerous YouTube tutorials, I finally came up with something that worked for me! It's super easy, quick, and no damaging heat!

1. Wash your hair before bed.

2. After you've towel dried your hair and while it's still damp, but not dripping anymore, spray all over with non-frizz spray (if you hair is prone to frizzieness. I use Dream Curls Curl-Perfecting Spray.)

3. Divide hair into two even sections (it doesn't have to be perfect) halfway up your head about where you would do a high ponytail.

4. Twist the two sections together tightly (but not too tight, wet hair is delicate!) like a rope and then twist into a bun and tie with a hair elastic. You should now have a tight bun. If it's pulling or uncomfortable in some places you may want to add another hair elastic or pin it with some bobby pins. Don't worry if it looks messy, no one will you see you, just make sure it won't fall out.

5. Go to bed, sweet dreams!

6. Once you've woken up, take out the bun. Your hair may still be a bit damp, but now you have pretty waves/curls! Finger comb them out, but do not use a brush it will make your hair frizzy!
7. Put on a headband, pin back your bangs, pull it back in a half ponytail, or add a pretty clip! I sometimes spritz a little hair spray to hold the style.

There you have it! Enjoy your pretty no heat curls! :)

Have a great day!

~Grace <3

This was originally posted on Mod Style Lounge. Re-posted with permission.

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