Friday, March 2, 2012

Royal Taylor: Black and White Review by Michelle Pell

Black and White ~ Royal Tailor

The band Royal Tailor met while attending a Bible college together in Indiana. After graduating they spent a year working with the youth in Granite City, Ill. 
Take a generous helping of soul...splatter it with bouncing rhythms, blistering guitars, engaging vocals, stellar musicianship and catchy pop melodies that make you want to move--all textured with the truth of God's grace--and you have Royal Tailor.” This is how the band’s website describes the kind of music they play, and I don’t think I could say it any better. Their site also says that they have a sound that “evokes Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and a hint of Michael Jackson, Royal Tailor captures audiences with an infectious musicality.” But I think that even if one of those is your favorite, I believe Royal Tailor will soon move to the top of your list.

But are you wondering what in the world “Royal Tailor” even means? There’s a saying that says” Jesus ruled with the heart of a servant, and served with a heart of a king.” So the band says that with their name, they pay honor to God. “Royal” means royalty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.” Tailor” means fixing men and adjusting our lives. Also because as sons and daughters of the King, we are royal.

"The overarching message is a call to action," says Tauren, the band’s lead singer. "A lot of our songs have to do with being Christ in the world.  We want to create a culture where students are doing the ministry. They are creating the ideas. They are dreaming the dream,  and then they are actually going out there and doing those things."

Track List:
1. Death of Me
2. Make a Move – Single
3. Freefall
4. Control
5. Gravity (Pulling Heaven Down)
7. Wannabe
8. Black and White
9. Run to Love
10. Hope
11. Love is Here

Did you know that Michelle loves to watch sports?!

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  1. I won this album a few months ago through a giveaway, and I was SO surprised at how much I loved the whole thing! I'm more of a one song kinda gal, but this was very catchy!