Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank You for Feeding Me~ Emily Ciszewski

I see this world, I see people rushing and running to work.
They want peace and fulfillment. They’re hungry. They’ve never been fed.
I see all the little girls.
I see all the little boys.
And they all grow up.
Without the love.
Without the hugs.
Without the stories.
Without the tears.
Here are all the Fathers,
Without Fathers to lead them.
Here are all the Mothers,
Without Mothers to teach them.
Here are all the little boys, the little gents, the handsome men,
Without the Leaders.
Here are all the little girls, the little ladies, the beautiful women,
Without the Teachers.
Here are all the people,
Without Father.
Without Mother.
Without love and hugs and stories and tears.
Thank you for the love Mother and Father.
Thank you for the hugs Mom and Dad.
Thank you for the stories Mama, Pa.
Thank you for the tears Mommy and Daddy.
I just want to say,
Thank you for feeding me.
Thank you for life.
Thank you for love.
Where would I be?
Without you?
Thank you.

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