Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forever21 Store Review~ Mikayla McMahen

For this store review I chose forever 21, I love this store for many reasons! Number one, no matter what style of clothes you like you're pretty sure to find something here you'll like, they have everything from more vintage styles to rocker chic. number two, most of the clothes are modest and affordable! Now I'm not saying that all of the clothes are modest, but they do have a very large selection :)

When I saw the price of this shirt I literally had to do a double take! This shirt is an incredibly low price of $7.80. I find it quite adorable:) An eye popping blue with ruffles give it a nice airy look for summer.

Jean shorts are a great piece to have in your summer wardrobe! They go with practically everything and I find them to be quite comfortable. These are more fitted to balance out the loose airy shirt. These shorts total at $17.50
I love hats! floppy hats, cowgirl hats, baseball caps, there are so many to choose from! One of my personal favorites would have to be the fedora :) This fedora wold be great for a hot, humid, summer day when your hair can't decide what it wants to do. Since it's a straw fedora it would be nice and light on your head, while the accent strips around the band are perfect for spicing up an outfit! It's also only $10.80

I didn't want a whole lot of attention drawn to the shoes, but I didnt want them to be completely plain either so when I saw these flats, they fit the bill exactly! With the cute bow and peephole at the toe they are the perfect shoe for this out fit. These shoes cost $16.80 

The total for this adorable outfit is, drum roll please.......... $52.90!

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