Friday, July 6, 2012

Rekindled - Tamera Alexander Review by Michelle Pell

On Christmas morning, Kathryn Jennings awakes to find only a note from her husband which read, "Kathryn, gone to northern pastures. Back by week's end."
When a day turns into a week which turns into months, Kathyn is determined to keep up the hope that her husband is still alive. But when her husband's body is found, that hope weakens but she still has a strong feeling that her husband Larson is still alive.

Larson wants to give his wife everything. That's why he has worked so hard to keep their ranch running, despite the hardships he has run into. It is for that reason that he left Christmas morning to seek out a new deal that would help their ranch. Little did he know the great tragedies he would face.

When he returns will Kathyrn be able to look inside to the man he has become and love him? Or will outward circumstances and appearances prevent both their love from flourishing?

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