Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Skin Care~ Renee Arnold

Hot and humid summer weather is very harsh on all types of skin. It is also very crucial to have a sunscreen convent in your moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun's ray's.
First, you want to make sure that your face lotion is not going to be heavy on your skin because that can be extremely uncomfortable. Look for moisturizers that are described as milks or lotions and try to avoid face moisturizers with petrolatum or dimethicone.
Next, you absolutely need to have a SPF in your face moisturizer regardless of where you are going. Even if you are not going to the beach or going to be in direct sunlight, you would be surprised how much the sun's rays can affect you skin. It is not necessary to have a SPF higher then 30 but have at least a 15.
I would recommend anything Neutrogena or Olay, if you have sensitive or oily skin, buy accordingly. Both of these brands are very affordable and can be found at any local drugstore or supermarket.
Protect you skin this summer and you will be much happier down the road when you have pretty, youthful skin that is free from sun spots and has fewer wrinkles then those who don't take care of their skin.

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