Friday, August 3, 2012

Casting Crowns~ Come to the Well Review by Michelle Pell

"Come To The Well" is the fifth studio album of one of Christian music's most successful acts, Casting Crowns.The Atlanta based music group is committed to delivering thought-provoking music about topics that truly matter to their listeners. "...these songs are among the most intensely personal offerings the group has ever shared," says the group's website. The group does not preform shows on Sundays because the seven band members are all worship leaders at their own home churches. "Courageous" is showcased on Sherwood Pictures newest movie of the same title and challenges men to lead lives committed to Christ while imploring husbands to be leaders for their families. Popular single, "Jesus, Friend of Sinners" is all about compassion and love for the broken, and "Face Down" is a beautiful worship song. For the romantics out there, "Wedding Day" and "Angel" are both adorable love songs. One is about the best day of the singer's life and in the other the singer is amazed that an "angel" would love him. Whether you are a seasoned Casting Crowns fan or you are just now discovering the band, you will be greatly satisfied with the blend of scripture-based lyrics and contemporary rhythms the newest album offers.

1. Courageous (see the movie trailer for this song's inspiration:
2. City On A Hill
3. Jesus, Friend of Sinners (hear more about this song:
4. Already There
5. The Well
6. Spirit Wind
7. Just Another Birthday
8. Wedding Day
9. Angel
10. My Own Worst Enemy
11. Face Down
12. So Far To Find You

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