Monday, August 27, 2012

Fundraising Ideas~ Heather Young

Even though summer is almost over, and autumn will soon begin, there is still plenty of time for fundraising! Of course, there are many opportunities to raise money, such as garage sales, bake sales, car washes, and going door-to-door selling something.

Garage Sale Tips:
·         colorful signs
·         easy-to-read signs
·         consistent signs
·         good prices

Garage sales are one of my favorite ways to earn money, even if it’s not for fundraising! The number one rule to a successful sale: have good signage! Have colorful signs that people can easily see and read from far away, and place a lot so no one will get confused about where to go.  Moreover, have consistent signs.  Once, I was on my way to a garage sale following a yellow sign that read, “Huge Sale!” As I got closer to my destination, the sign changed to a smaller orange sign that read, “Garage Sale.”  Obviously, I became puzzled, wondering if both signs indeed belonged to the same sale.  I soon found out yes, they were, but if you have a garage sale, please make everyone’s trip easier by not have varying signs.  When pricing, try to sell items for less than their original worth, while not going so low that you won’t get much profit.  Or, you could even not put prices on anything and let people decide what they want to pay!

Bake Sale Tips:
·         good location
·         samples
·         fresh food
·         reasonable prices

Personally, I have not had much success with bake sales.  Sadly, I only tried once because my first and final attempt only attracted one customer, not counting my friends.  But, I am sure many of you could sell a lot of goodies if you choose a location within view of cars.  One thing the consumers enjoyed about my sale was the samples I laid out.  Be careful not to cut them too big, or some people might only eat samples.  Also, instead of baking a huge batch of goodies in the morning, bake a small amount every hour or two to keep your food fresh.

A car wash cannot only earn a decent amount of money; it can also be fun! Most importantly, have good advertising (see “Garage Sale Tips”).

Lastly, when you go door-to-door (with a buddy!) you can find numerous ways to earn money, whether by selling a product or doing yard work! Be sure to always have a smile on your face and make your offer look appealing.  No one wants to buy something from someone who doesn’t look friendly! Also, make sure you have a flyer to hand out or show to your customers so they know you aren’t just some kid trying to make a few bucks for yourself.

Although you may have already finished your summer fundraising, I hope you will take these ideas into account for the future! Have you tried any creative ways to raise money? If so, please leave a comment!

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