Friday, August 31, 2012

Masquerade by Nancy Moser~ Review by Michelle Pell

Have you ever wished your life was different? Charlotte Gleason does. Even though she lives a privledged English lifestyle, she is bored by the endless parties and meaningless flirting.

When her parents arranged for her to marry a wealthy American business man, and ship her away to the states, that is the last straw in Charlotte's eyes. On the boat to America, Charlotte, or Lottie for short, thinks of an absurd idea: what if her traveling companion and lady's maid, Dora, poses in her place? Her future fiance has never seen her, and neither him nor his family would ever know the difference. If they were to switch places, Lottie would get the adventure she longs for, and Dora would be able to experience a life of glamour and riches.

But considering all the lies and deception required to make their plan work, will either Lottie or Dora ever be comfortable to be themselves? Will they ever realize that true love only flourishes in honesty and trust?

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