Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lessons from a Tree Branch~ Abigail Massung

 This summer my family decided to visit Michigan’s upper peninsula for a week. While hiking to one of the many waterfalls located up there, we saw a tree. The main tree was normal enough. I barely remember the tree itself because one of the branches held my entire focus. The branch grew out horizontal to the ground for a couple feet, appearing dead. Then, right at the end, it curved up sharply to stand proudly in the sun. That proud little tip grew up straight and green. My mom said something along the lines of: “It would do anything just to survive.” That idea echoed through my soul because lately I’d been trying not to give up my fight to survive.

    Looking back at the branch, I think about all it faced merely to reach out for a chance at a new start. How strong that branch had to have grown inside so it could support the new life! On the outside, it appeared to have died, but life must have coursed through it to feed the new life. It fought through the dark times to reach the sun. The strength it gained in those times gave it the base it needed to hold it up later on. All of us struggle in life –one way or another. We all face dark times when the sun never seems to shine. The thing is, we have to choose to keep growing through those times. If we keep struggling and not giving up, we’ll not only survive to see the sun, we’ll be strong enough to support the new life we’ll gain.


  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing:)