Monday, August 20, 2012

Finding the Perfect Eyeshadow~ Mikayla McMahen

Eyes are beautiful and intruiging and finding the right eyeshadow for your eyecolor can be a very important part of your makeup! Here are some ideas to get you started,

Blue eyes: I have found that more neutral colors such as light golds, tans, and copper tones beautifully bring out blue eyes.
Go bold: If you like bold eye makeup try a dark blue with a light grey blended in the crease and along the brow bone. 

Green eyes: Sage green makes green eyes really pop especially when paired with a light tan or cream shadow along the brow bone. 
Go bold: purple purple purple!!!! If looking at a color wheel you will see that purple is a complementing color for green, bright purple for a very dramatic look and lavender for a softer. a word of caution for when using bright purple make sure you let the heaviest coverage on the lid and fade out towards the crease and brow bone! otherwise the effect is a bit less than pretty ;)

Brown eyes: If you have brown eyes you can pretty much wear any color of eyeshadow well! Green shadow looks great with brown eyes, often causing them to have a hazel tint! 

If you have any eyeshadow tips I'd love to hear them!     

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