Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Should I But It? Is It Worth It?~ Beauty Items Review by Madeline Hunt and Renee Arnold

We are always seeing commercials talking about how they have the latest and greatest things in fashion, but are they really worth your time and money? Madeline, Renee and Haylie have tag teamed to help you girls find out! They reviewed some of the items you see in those same commercials! So read this article before deciding whether or not to add that item to your list.

 Lash Stiletto Mascara by Maybelline claims to make your lashes 70% longer verses no mascara at all. I found that, while that claim was a little far fetched, this mascara did make my lashes about 50% longer which is pretty long. This mascara was great and I would highly recommend it to any girl who wants longer lashes.   ~Renee

The Exact Eyelights Collection from CoverGirl is supposed to make your eyes brighter. I have hazel eyes, so I bought the collection specifically for hazel eyes. I used the eye shadow, eye liner and mascara and fell in love! The products made my eyes pop and I like the variety of colors that I felt looked really pretty and appropriate for everyday wear. I think that the Exact Eyelights products are the best and I highly encourage you to look into them.  ~ Renee

This mousse is amazing! It gives my wavy/curly hair more defined curls/waves. This mousse has a lighter control for a very touchable style! My hair is never crunchy! I had one of my straight haired friends try it and she liked the increased volume it gave her hair. The smell is fabulous too! 

Tip: If you need a little most hold try misting your style with spray gel. That’s what I do because I want more curls than waves, but when I want it to be wavy I skip the spray gel and it gives my hair a more relaxed beachy wave.

 I would recommend this mousse to any girl with curly, wavy or straight hair!~ Madeline

Jergens® natural glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer

Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is a wonderful gift for those who want to keep that sunkissed look all year round. All you have to do is apply this moistuizer like any other moisturizer you use and voila! Of course, you also need to treat this like a self tanning lotion because it is. You will want to wash your hands after you apply it and wait a few minutes for the moisturizer to dry. You see some great results after just 3 days! I highly recommend it! ~ Haylie

Conair Infiniti Multi Function Styling Iron was hot red last holiday season. It was on the top of my Christmas list. I was really wanting those gorgeous curls! Come to find out, the curls on the commercials come MUCH easier for girls with shorter hair. I had very long hair at the time. My mom, on the other hand, had short hair and used it every day. I used it everyday too, but I used it to straigthen my hair, not curl it. I cut my hair later and got to use it, but it grew out and I was back to straigthening.

 I really do like this iron, but I suggest you buy it if you have shorter hair. It works wonders on the short hair! For you Rapunzul girls, I suggest sticking with the sponge curlers or curling iron unless you have a lot of time and patience. ~ Haylie

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