Friday, January 28, 2011

Silly Willie!~ A Fun Article by Emily Ciszewski

“Please, smile for the camera!” If someone suddenly surprised you with this little command would you smile immediately, or frown in a distrustful attitude?
I am here to encourage you - smile!
Often we Christians play serious, too often we’re party poopers - aren’t we? Okay - if the house is about to go up in flames do to a bag of marshmallows sitting on the stove while your pasta was cooking, your friend has just joined the army at age 15, or your mom is dying her hair purple - I would understand your serious or shall we say chaotic attitude! But since those things rarely happen I encourage a smile, a laugh, a tear or two at a lame joke.
I happen to be a very serious person.
It happens to be a very common trait in the oldest sibling of large families.
I’m not joking.
Anyways, my mom, who is the youngest in her family of five - is a very silly person.
I am so serious!
She is the mom who loves um…shall we say….fart machines….duck whistles….driving around a parking lot blasting Christian rap music while rocking to the beat…. (we don’t normally listen to rap ) ……waking me up with a spray of water…..all that normal mom stuff….yeah.

 ... teenage girl laughing phone |
Mom is awesome.
But I am the opposite.
I don’t find farts, (eww!) dancing in front of the public, and making a nut out of myself.
Mom is usually the one to try and make me laugh.
Now, don’t take me wrong - I’m not your average Scrooge or anything, it just takes a little more than a practical joke to get me laughing…..okay! Maybe I am a Scrooge!

Teen_girlslaughing.jpg |

But I want to be a happy little camper, but….but…but….oh! Fine! I’m just too shy!
And yet, here I am encouraging you to smile and laugh at your cousins knock - knock joke! And do it seriously too!

There are a lot of things to laugh about these days! Take my mom, a silly aunt, the red zit on your forehead! I think we serious ones need a laugh! We need a challenge - and here it is - laugh 10 times a day! Here are some ideas to make you laugh;

1. Buy your dad a duck whistle,
2. Laugh at every single little kid knock-knock joke this new year,
3. Go to the dollar store with your girlfriends - or better yet - the mall in red clown wigs and green nail polish and poke around in the soap department,
4. Dance in the rain with your siblings,
5. Have a pie eating contest - no hands!
6. Write a limerick and share it with your best friend over Grape Crush and an ice-cream,
7. Hopscotch in the snow with one foot and your arms in your coat,
8. Go for a picnic with ice foods - popsicles, frozen grapes and anything else you think of in this winter with your friends in the school yard or at the park,
9. Ask random people at a home game if they know where your flea went
10. Start laughing during a quiet moment - other will join and it’s likely they won’t stop!

So, you have some ideas now - start laughing!
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Now, on a serious note, be careful when you ask people about your pet flea - people might not be able to look at you straight! 


  1. Haha, Emily! My dad is the youngest in his family, as is my mom, and so am I. So my family's a bit-hm, how to put it lightly-crazy!! :) It's always great to be able to laugh with your parents...even when your more serious siblings can't understand your humor. :)