Monday, January 31, 2011

SNOW!~ A Fun Article by Rachel Melillo


There’s snow out there!  Well, okay, there’s snow out there if you live in Massachusetts or some other place up north like me.  Although mostly I’m too busy to play in the snow, I always make the occasional time to do so, especially after I’ve worked so hard shoveling it from my driveway. 

Sledding is a standard thing to try whenever there’s a good snow out there, when the snow is light and fluffy.  Find a good sledding hill that’s not too crowded but will hopefully have the snow packed down because packing it down yourself isn’t as fun as just hopping on and sledding.  Bring friends and have some contests while you’re at it. 

Snowmen!! The standard thing to do when you’ve got nice sticky snow.  Through the sixteen years I’ve spent building or assisting with building snowmen, I’ve noticed that it gets pretty boring after the tenth year.  So allow me to suggest another alternative of the same nature.  Don’t stop after you’ve built the snowman, build an entire family and after you feel that you’re an expert at sculpting snow, try a snow dog or kitty.  Soon people will be lining up around your house to observe your snow art. J

Caves!  After my dad is finished snow blowing, I notice that there are several really nice hard packed mountains of snow around the driveway.  Grab a friend and dig through it, not letting it collapse on top of you.  After all, if you’ve ever tried this before, getting snow down your neck is an unpleasant experience that follows a snow avalanche. 

So, instead of sitting inside, playing all those video games that you got for Christmas or reading your books for the twenty first time, get your lazy behind off the couch (or computer)  and start having some fun with the snow that God’s given you.

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