Monday, February 7, 2011

"As Long As It Takes" Merideth Andrews~ A Music Review by Michelle Pell

In her second album (the first being "You Invite In"), Meredith sings about longing to hear God's voice, offering up everything to her Savior. Her songs have a pleasant mixture of worshipful lyrics and a pop sound. She reminds me a lot of Kari Jobe and Francesca Battistelli so if you enjoy listening to them, this is another lady to add to your list.

Meredith says, "These songs are very personal and my prayer for you is that these songs would reflect the truth of God's Word and draw the listener closer to Himself."

My hope is that as you listen to listen album it will remind you to wait on His will As Long As It Takes.

1. Never Move On
I interpreted this song as talking about the moment Meredith accepted Jesus. A beautiful song about a beautiful thing.

2. Only To Be Yours
A song of offering, she's giving all she's got for God's use.

3. Can Anybody Hear Me
In a time in her life when she's really struggling with hearing God's voice, she relies on her faith to get her through every trial.

4. As Long As It Takes
Waiting on the Lord can sometimes be very difficult, but when you put your complete trust in Him, He will carry you through.

5. Come Home
Singing to a lost friend, she expresses that no matter what they have done they will always be welcome back home.

6. All Will Fade Away
Even though the world right now feels like it's really wicked, we don't need to worry because soon, as Meredith reminds us, every thing will fade away when Jesus returns

7. What It Means To Love
God has shown us the true meaning of love, as expressed in this song.

8. Live Through Me
A pleading cry to Jesus to speak His words and to breathe His breath.

9. My Soul Sings
A song of wonder to the Man who redeemed her.

10. In Your Arms
Meredith reminds us that whenever the fears of the world get to much to handle, we can run to Jesus and he will hold us in His arms forever.

11. How Great Is The Love
The amazement at the love of Christ really comes out in this song.


  1. Hey! :) Good article! I love this CD. :) However, there were just a couple little mistakes in this article that, if you wanted to, you could fix. :)

    #1. Just so you know, her first CD is called "The Invitation", not "You Invite In". :)

    #2. This one isn't a big deal, and most people don't know this, but "Come Home" is actually a song to her brother, not a long-lost friend.


    p.s. I am not trying to be rude in any way. :) I just know that you guys probably want to be as professional as possible with these articles, so I just wanted to help. :)

  2. I love this album Michelle, and thank you Vanessa for the clarification. Songs can often be interpreted in different ways and if you didn't know the story, Come Home can sound like a song to a long-lost friend. Thanks for letting us know. :) -Rachel Melillo