Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your True Valentine~ An Inner Beauty Article by Renee Arnold

With Valentines Day in the air you may be excited because you have a special someone in your life to share it with or you may be depressed because all your friends seem to have boyfriends and you don't. Either way you need to know that your relationship status doesn't determine your beauty. You may not feel beautiful but you definitely are in God's eyes. You are his princess and he wants you to know that.
  Feeling like you're unloved can make you feel miserable. Just know that God doesn't look at how many Valentine's Day's you were without dates, he doesn't measure you by the world's standards. The world may say that you need a boy in your life to be happy but you know that all you really need is God. 
  It is dangerous to base your worth on if you have a boyfriend or not because that's not what God intended for you. He wants you to lean on him for support and not relay on anyone else for your happiness.
So this Valentine's Day, remember that you are special even if you spend it single!

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