Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valetine's Day Outfit Ideas~ By Madeline Hunt

Because Valentines Day is quickly approaching, some of you are probably contemplating what to wear.  Using nine pieces, I have created three outfits. One for if you are going on a date, one for hanging out with friends, and one for embracing the joy of being single!
Top row L to R. Embellished cardigan- Old Navy $29.50, Soft Drape T- American Eagle $19.50, Grey hoodie- Kohl's $12.99
Middle Row L to R Denim Pencil Skirt- Old Navy $29.50, Artist Jeans- American Eagle $39.50, Yoga pants- Aerie $29.50
Bottom Row L to R Romantic Lace Cami- Aerie $19.50, Fashion drop earrings- Old Navy $8.50, Febee bow flat- Payless $22.99
Outfit #1-"I'm going on a date"
For this outfit I chose the cream embellished cardi, denim pencil skirt, lace cami, circle earrings, and the brown flats. For a date on valentines day- I think dressing up is fun and especially if you are going to a nicer restaurant a must. This outfit totals at $109.99, but if you used some of your own pieces then it could cost allot less.For example subbing in a red or pink cami that you already own would be super cute! The point of this is to give you an idea of what to wear, not force you to spend tons of money! If you live in a cold weather state I would also suggest wearing brown tights.
Outfit # 2- "I'm hanging with my girls"
I think this outfit is cute and chic featuring the jeans, drape T, flats and silvery earrings. Even when you are hanging with your gal pals its still fun to dress a little nicer then normal. This outfit costs $90.49 but you could totally use a pair of jeans you already have. by the way I love the Artist jeans from AE they are so comfy!! Accessorizing is important when you wear a basic tee and jeans so make sure you pair this with a cute necklace and earrings or a cute scarf!
Outfit # 3 "I'm so happy I'm single right now so tonight is going to be a night of chocolate and Pride and Prejudice" 
Hoodie,check. Drape T,check. Yoga pants,check. Cute socks,sort of check.  This is night night to be comfy and be happy that you don't need a guy to fill you up. You probably noticed I didn't put a pair of socks in that first picture- well I looked but I couldn't find any cute ones online- Try Delia's in store they have tons of fun patterns! Total outfit cost comes to ..... $ 61.99. Again this is just an idea so your yoga pants are just fine. :) Have fun watching movies eating chocolate and reading the greatest love story ever written- God's word!
Have a very happy Valentine's Day!
Please remember that not all clothes are modest on everyone, please don't use my words as justification to go against your modesty standards!

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