Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alive~ Lea Sadler

Soft whispers in my head of elegant content
Grow vines of wisdom from heaven sent
As ancient lyrics of old songs sung
Chime the bells on one once rung.
Sweet scents of sorrow fill the lungs while
Bitter words of loss weigh down the tongue.
Your hands of comfort grip all pain
And destroy all regrets, finally slain.
Walking through the darkness, stumbling on every stone
You lift the feet and assuage the soul with a soothing tone.
Cursed with affliction and trapped in agony
Your presence is the only thing that brings forth the key
To a happy life filled to find
This sincere peace of mind.
Free of sin, free of death
Life inhaled with every breath.
I’m alive.

Did you know that Lea is 25% Korean?!

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