Tuesday, September 27, 2011

H & M Store Review~ Renee Arnold

H&M is a very popular store with affordable clothes that are perfect for crisp fall days. I visited their website in search of a casual outfit under $75!

This beautiful flared jersey top is
perfect for fall becasue it is loose and
flowey yet has 3/4 sleeves to give
you more coverage then a tee-shirt.
Like the model, you can wear a white
tank top underneath it if it feels more
comfortable, but it looks like it would
still be modest without the tank top.
This top can be bought for $18.

These fashion forward skinny jeans will
look stunning with the top above.
These jeans should be modest
depending on how they fit on you.
They have a flattering slim fit all
through and have a convenient
5 pockets. These jeans are for sale
for only $30!


These imitation suade ballet flats
will perfectly compliment the pink
in the jersey but will stand out
becausee they are unique and
decorated with a matching knot on
top. They are available in sizes 5-10
and can be bought for $25.


                  This pack of 7 rings will match
                   very nicely with a lot of things you
                   already have in your closet. They
                    are assorted so you can have a
                   new one every day of the week!
                   They are very affordable at only
                     $6 for the whole pack!

This entire outfit rounded out to be about $79. If you cut the rings out, it will meet the budget but I do think the rings add a very cute touch. So, good luck back at school and remember to pray about your standards and listen to your parents opinions too!

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