Friday, January 27, 2012

We Bought a Zoo~ Kari Willinger

When Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) loses his wife everything goes haywire. His son Dylan starts dropping in his studies, starts stealing, and starts drawing dark images of decapitation and the likes. His 7 year old daughter, after 6 months, is a little better mostly likely because of her age. Deciding his family needs a new start, he quits his job, and buys a house with his savings and inheritance. But there is a catch. Thought he house seems perfect, with 18 acres for the kids Benjamin has to take care of some animals. 200 to be exact. because in the backyard of this house there is a zoo. How crazy right? A zoo in there back yard. With the help of this motley zoo crew lead by Kelly (Scarlet Johanssen) Benjamin strives to accept this new responsibility. Will his family be able to really start over? Watch this extremely adorable movie and you will see.
This movie was rated PG. There is some cussing in this movie, it includes: d***, a**, and h*** a couple of times. There is some kissing in this movie. There is also a picture of a topless pregnant lady with her arm strategically hiding her breasts. I give this movie a 4/5.
Did you know that Kari is BFF with Haylie?!

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