Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single Ladies: What Do You Do? ~ Haylie Gregory

Single, the last word every girl wants to hear on Valentine’s Day. Instead of sulking about it, why don’t you check out this list I made on some pluses on being single.

©         You don’t have to try to impress anyone! You can have greasy hair and sweat pants on if you feel like it!

©         You can eat those nasty smelling chips and not have to worry about offending anyone.

©         You can play any videogame you want and not have to let him win.

©         You can watch whatever movie you want instead of having to decide on something you both want to watch.

©         You can take your girlfriends out for lunch and talk about movie actors! It would be weird to do that with a guy now wouldn’t it?

©         You can wear your jacket instead of having to feel like you are supposed to be wearing his.

©         You can paint each of your toe nails a different color and not worry about what he will say.

©         You can spend the day with your daddy! He’s loved you your whole life! Don’t have a daddy? Spend the day with your Heavenly Daddy. He’s loved you even longer!

©         You can eat a whole gallon of ice cream and not have to answer to anyone, well maybe your parents!

©         You can write a love poem or letter to God instead of feeling like you should write one for your bf.

©         You don’t have to share the couch! Hog it girl!

©         Liked that movie you picked out earlier in this list? Watch it again!

©         You don’t have to wonder if your bf will like the shirt you just tried on. If you like it, buy it!

©         You can dance around your living room like you are Ginger Rogers! Don’t know who Ginger Rogers is? Go on YouTube and look her up! I bet it will help you figure out what movie you want to watch.

So, if you are single (like me) and don’t want to sulk on being single, remember this list and live up your Valentine’s Day! Grab some of your single friends (girls and guys!) and have some fun! Just because your single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day! Just remember who loves your more than many one else possibly could!

Did you know that Haylie's favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Chunky Munky?

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