Monday, July 23, 2012

Gap Store Review~ Renne Arnold

The GAP is a very popular store that carries mostly casual clothes and is very well known for their sweaters, jeans and flowey tank tops. I went to GAP looking for a semi-casual outfit, somthing you would wear to a picnic or barbeque,  under $100.
First, I found this adorable striped tank top that is not only cute but also modest as it features thicker straps and has a higher neckline. This tanktop is $22.95.
I love these shorts becasue they will keep you cool in hot temperatures but they are not revealing or inappropriate. They are made out of canvas so they are very durable and will last a long time which is a good thing becasue they cost $40. These shorts have a very good size range, they are available in 00-20 and GAP also has petite and tall sizes.
This outfit will look good with just any old rubber orange flip flops but if you want  something a little more upscale, these bright leather flip flops would be a perfect addition. They are $25 and will last a lot longer then plain rubber flip flops.
GAP  has a lot of great options for teenage girls. They are a more conservative store so they don't have any clothes that made me cringe. Their clothes are more expensive but they are very high quality so they are worth it if you are willing to pay the price. I highly recommend this store and highly suggest that you check it out.
This entire outfit came out to be $88 which is a lor for one outfit but thankfully, all of these pieces can be worn with a lot of other clothes you already own.


  1. I love The Gap! :) They are one of the only stores that have jeans that fit me.