Friday, October 7, 2011

Courageous~ A Review by Kari Willinger

Couragous is a movie meant to change the way Fathers think about their children and the way their children think about their Fathers. It is meant to change hearts and minds with the help of God. I thought a movie like this would be a good addition to this months issue.

This movie is about a group of law enforcement officers who see and experience danger everyday but when danger and struggles hit close to home they have to figure out a completely different way of dealing with it. There is drama, action, humor, and struggles in this movie for God.

 I suggest this movie to everyone. Your could bring it home or take your parents to go see it for a family movie night. I believe it is a great movie just because of the message it poses to everyone. The movie is rated PG-13 there is no sex, nudity, or profanity in this movie. I give the move a 4/5

Did you know that Kari plans to own a pet monkey and name him Jack?!

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