Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview with Jamie K

Hello Readers!

I, Haylie, got the great privalidge to interview Christian artist Jamie K! I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did and that you will go out and buy her CD "Never Gonna Stop"!

1)Tell us about your new album “Never Gonna Step”. What will we find on it?
You will find The Bible set to hip hop music. : ) Most of these song lyrics are straight out of The Bible and all are inspired by scripture from the Old and New Testament. God has captured my heart and I can’t help but write, rap, and sing music about Him! The music itself is an upbeat hip hop feel that will make you want to dance and fill you up with The Word of God at the same time.

2)You said that your heart is inspired by youth. What are you doing to reach them?
I look back on my time as a teenager and realize it was one of the most influential times of my life. I can remember a few people who took time to speak life into me, to encourage me in my walk with Jesus. Their words stayed with me the rest of my life. I want to be that person to the youth now. I want to speak life into their lives! So for my tour for this album I am going to schools and performing these songs with my fellow artist and good friend Sheila Marie. But our goal isn’t just awesome music, it is also to be an inspiration and speak life into these young people. Telling them truths from the Bible: God is with them, to stand strong for Jesus, to pursue their relationship with Him above all else, and yes you can achieve your God given dreams! Don’t be afraid to dream big, because your God is a big God and can do all things.

3) Tell us about Jamie K Entertainment.

Jamie K Entertainment is my label. Even from when I was a young girl I always had an entrepreneur spirit selling lemonade or I even started my own dog walking buiness! : ) God has grown my entrepreneur dreams since and God willing, I plan to expand Jamie K Entertainment in the years to come to produce and work with other artists, make music videos, and even movies. To create the best in music and media in all forms that glorifies God and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are so many talented Christians out
there and we need to reach the world in ways it understands like music, tv, and movies.

4) It’s refreshing to see that a Christian artist put a “Jesus!” page on their website! What was your thinking behind that page?

I haven’t always been labeled a “Christian Artist” in fact my first album was a secular album I released when I was graduating from college. I was a Christian writing music, but my heart wasn’t in it for the right reasons and I was unintentionally misusing my gift of music God had given me and missing out on the best He had for me. Over the last few years God has completely captured my heart and every aspect of my life, which is reflected in my current album “Never Gonna Stop” I came to realize my greatest success comes in serving Him not money or fame. So everything about my album and myself as an artist I want to direct the attention back to Jesus. A true deep meaningful relationship with Jesus is the most important decision anyone could ever make, so inside my album cover I wrote the scriptures each song is based on and included the website and Jesus link so anyone who gets a hold of my album has the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and ask Him to be their Savior.
5)What is one of your favorite ways to serve God?
God has been teaching me to “live by the Spirit.” I always thought the most important thing for me was performing and music, surely that is how I would really reach people! But I was so wrong. It isn’t what we do in the exciting times that is most important, it is what we do in the mundane repetitive things of life. So for me when I do everyday things like taking my dog for a walk I pray for God to help me see the people around me through His eyes and to literally “Walk in the Spirit”. So sometimes I feel the Spirit lead me to talk to an old woman sitting on a bench, or a young girl walking with a book, and it amazes me how when you let God use you to reach out to a stranger in everyday life circumstances it can change someone else’s life. Anyone can put on a great face when they are in the spotlight, but when you’re not your true character shows in how you live your everyday life.

6)When do you feel closest to God?
That constantly changes for me. I usually feel closest to God when I play piano, in my time studying His Word, or fellowshipping with other believers praying and worshiping God as a church body. But then there are times when I don’t feel Him and wish I could! God promises in His Word that “He will never leave you or forsake you” I always desire to feel His presence but I have learned to not trust my feelings and trust in His Word, He is always with me, that is what His Word says whether I feel Him or not.

7)What is one of your favorite attributes of God?
His faithfulness, it amazes me! How could he always love us and remain faithful to us even when we turn our back on Him? The book of Hosea in Old Testament is one of my favorites, all about how God always loves us and remains faithful when we do not, I can not fathom His faithfulness and love for us!

8)What do you enjoy to do in your downtime?

I love to take my dog to the beach and laying in the sand or playing in the water. I love feeling the sun and being outdoors playing tennis or wakeboarding. My husband and I also recently took up archery and that has been a blast, I shot an apple! : )

9)If you were standing in front of a large crowd of teenaged girls, what is the one thing you would tell them?
Don’t believe the lies the devil is trying to tell you! I wasted too many hours as a teenager looking in the mirror wondering if I was pretty enough when God had already made me as His masterpiece! You are a masterpiece! When the devil tells you your not good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ your Savior and say “I am a child of God, holy, set apart, loved, cherished, and you and your lies have no power over me.” The devil was defeated 2,000 years ago when Christ was raised from the dead, he has no power over Christians, but he will still try to lie to us and make us believe he does, but he doesn’t that is only part of the deception! You are free! You are who God says you are, and He says amazing things about you!
For a scriptural list of who God says you are:
10)What was your inspiration behind your album “Never Gonna Stop”?

God deserves the best. The best everything including the best music. Christian music doesn’t have to be a certain sound and it should be as good if not better than secular music because God deserves the best! My goal was and is to write and produce Christian Music that is the best in quality and content to inspire people to want to know Jesus.

Favorite color? Yellow
Favorite movie? Enchanted
Coffee or Tea? Decaf : )
Sour or sweet candy? Chocolate!
Heels or flats? Flip Flops


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